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    Let me start with Mr. T.R. Knight who played Leo Frank blew me away. Who knew he has such stage presence and vocal range. By far his best numbers were Come Up to My Office & All the Wasted Time . He did such a good job at making Leo Frank venerable, awkward, and yet so human. Then there was Lara Pulver who played Lucille Frank (Leo’s wife), who has a voice that was sooo clear and peaceful. She made me want to go on stage and give her a hug when she was crying during the final number. Tony Award winner Christian Hoff who played Hugh Dorsey the Prosecuting Attorney in the case, blew me always as well. He is soo good at playing that guy you can not help like even though he is not the good guy. No wonder this man has a Tony and his voice is like no other. He truly he commands the stage in every solo he did. Last but not least David St. Louis who played Jim Conley (and others) who almost sung the roof off of the Taper! That man gave me chills during Blues:Feel the Rain Fall. He stood out every time he was on stage and moved me to tears. 

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  4. TR’s first Broadway show, Noises Off  (2001)  Seems like they had a lot of fun together. 😀  #broadway #cast 



  5. T.R. Knight in Parade

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  6. [On his favorite scene in the show] I always felt that the trial sequence in the first act - from Hammer of Justice up to the end of the act - was always the scariest thing. I knew I had a half hour of music to write…and I’m always sort of amazed by it. I’m amazed at how quickly that half hour rolls by. I’m always drawn to it and drawn in by it. -Jason Robert Brown

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  7. "Factory Girls" […] emlékeztet a lányok a The Crucible , aki gyanúba keverheti John Proctor. Eszembe jutott, is, valami Sondheim mondta az írás Sweeney Todd . A parafrázis, azt mondta, hogy az szörnyűbb a törvény a színpadon, a szebb tette a zenét. A dal a három lány énekelni adnak hamis vallomást is kísértetiesen gyönyörű. A tiszta, szép hangok hipnotikus és elfog tökéletesen seductiveness egy jól mondta hazugság. -Wendy Guida

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  8. én viszont, és mosolyog, és azt mondja …

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  9. Let all the blood of the North spill upon them. ‘Till they’ve paid for what they’ve wrought, taken back the lies they’ve taught.

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